Photography 101


Orange light strips against a silvery foil background with blue reflections. Color Temperature in Photography: The Ultimate Guide Published in Camera Basics 1 month ago Understand color temperature so you can create images with natural, accurate colors. Discover how to get rid of color casts in seconds!
Aerial of farmland with strips of green crops on the right and a plowed field on the left. Diagonals in Photography: A Comprehensive Guide Published in Composition 2 months ago Everything you need to know about using diagonals in compositional arrangements. Learn how to make your photos dynamic and unique!
Close-up of a spiral shell fossil in black and white. The Golden Ratio in Photography: A Comprehensive Guide Published in Composition 2 months ago Use the golden ratio to create harmonious photo compositions. Learn all about the golden grid, the golden spiral, and much more!
Images of flowers, dogs, and waves displaying in Grid view in Lightroom Desktop. How to Organize Photos: A Step-By-Step Guide Published in Editing 2 months ago How to organize photos for a clean, efficient workflow. Step-by-step instructions to sort, order, and back up your images.
Close-up of a green frog with bright red eyes and orange feet perching on a mossy branch. The Ultimate Guide to Composition in Photography Published in Composition 3 months ago An in-depth guide to composition in photography. Learn how to transform your images using careful arrangement techniques.
symmetry in photography plant 1.jpg?w=345&h=230&scale The Ultimate Guide to Symmetry in Photography Published in Composition 3 months ago Symmetry makes for bold compositions. Discover how to use symmetry in photography for the best results!
Aerial landscape of a forest of green trees in the upper left and a sea of turquoise water in the lower right. Simplicity in Photography: Why Simple Photos Are Usually Best Published in Composition 4 months ago If you're after stunning compositions, then simplicity is your best friend. Here's how to keep your photos simple (and beautiful).
how to clean my camera How to Clean Your Camera Published in Gear 2 years ago Cleaning your camera and lenses is a delicate process. Here's how to keep your equipment in consistently great shape.
shallow vs deep depth of field car in the city at night Depth of Field: Shallow vs Deep DoF Published in Focus in Photography 2 years ago What is shallow vs deep depth of field and why does it matter? Discover everything you need to know about DoF!
Print resolution Print Resolution Guide: What’s the Best Resolution for Printing Photos? Updated in How to Print 4 weeks ago What is print resolution? And what resolution do you need for great results? Discover everything you need to know about print resolution.
photo print sizes Common Photo Print Sizes Updated in How to Print 4 weeks ago What are common photo print sizes? And what size is best for your photos? Discover everything you need to know about sizing your prints!
photo printing paper Photo Printing Paper Types Updated in How to Print 4 weeks ago Discover the perfect photo printing paper types for your needs. Determine the best paper for the look and feel that you're after for your photos!
printing in lightoom How to Print in Lightroom Updated in How to Print 2 months ago Printing in Lightroom doesn't have to be difficult. Discover a step-by-step plan for producing high-quality prints from Lightroom!
sun behind women portrait How to Take Photos with the Sun Behind a Subject Updated in Natural Lighting 7 months ago Discover all the tips and tricks you need to take photos with the sun behind your subject. Capture beautiful photos when the sun is strong!
output sharpening in Lightroom Output Sharpening in Lightroom and Photoshop Updated in How to Print 7 months ago If you want to create high-quality prints or files for the web, you need to master output sharpening. Here's a step-by-step plan!
smartphone vs camera Smartphone vs Digital Camera Updated in Gear 9 months ago Smartphone tech is improving. So, which is better, a Smartphone or a Camera? Check out our smartphone vs camera rundown to help you decide.
snapseed photo edit How to Edit Photos in Snapseed Updated in Editing 9 months ago Do you want to know how to edit photos in Snapseed? This Snapseed editing guide will teach you everything you need to get started with stunning edits!
viewfinder on camera EVF Vs OVF Explained Updated in Gear 9 months ago EVFs vs OVFs is a battle that rages on today. But what are the key differences between these two viewfinder types?
Man working on his photo editing style The Most Popular Photo Editing Styles and How to Use Them Updated in Editing 7 months ago If you're looking to create beautiful edits, then understanding the most popular photography editing styles is essential.
camera without a bag How to Carry a Camera Without a Bag Updated in Gear 9 months ago If you prefer to work without a camera bag, that's okay. Discover how to carry a camera without a bag in this useful article!
direct flash example Direct Flash Photography Updated in Artificial Lighting 9 months ago Direct flash may not be pretty, but it has its place. Discover how you can use direct flash for eye-popping, original results.
exposure triangle Exposure Triangle Explained: ISO, Shutter Speed, and Aperture Updated in Camera Basics 9 months ago Learn how aperture, shutter speed and ISO work and when you to shoot photographs in aperture or shutter speed priority mode.
movement in photography Movement in Photography Updated in Composition 9 months ago Movement in photography isn't easy to capture--but once you've read this article, you'll know how to work with movement for great results!
Analog Megapixel - What is a Megapixel? What Is a Megapixel? Updated in Camera Basics 9 months ago Megapixels refer to a cluster of pixels. How many exactly? Well one million. So one megapixel is one million tiny individual pixels. Find out how many pixels you need (hint: it depends on how large you want your prints to be).

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